CSS Color Basics

Colors can really help bring your website together, so a color scheme is super important. Sure, you could choose and pick your own, but you could also use a color scheme designer.

After experimenting with the different color schemes you can create, just hover over any of the colors to find the HEX value.  For the website above, you’ll find the hex code simply by hovering over the colors. If you wanted to make your background color black (which has a HEX value of #000000), you would put it into your style tag like this:

     body {

Alternatively, if you want to use the RGB values for black in your code instead, you’ll have to put in the values like this:

     body {

However, for simple colors like black and white (for the full list, go here), simply putting the color name into your code will do. Thankfully, black is on there, and you would put it in like this:

     body {

Happy coding!



The 10 Hottest Fall Colors for 2016


Pantone (known to define Colors ofthe Year) tells us that in the Fall 2016 we will wear colors that suggests strength, confidence, and complexity. The hues also reflect our desire for tranquility and optimism.


HEX: #4C6A92

Pantone 17-4028

Airy Blue

HEX: #92B6D5

Pantone 14-4122


HEX: #838487

Pantone 17-3914

Aurora Red

HEX: #B93A32

Pantone 18-1550

Warm Taupe

HEX: #AF9483

Pantone 16-1318

Dusty Cedar


Pantone 18-1630

Lush Meadow

HEX: #006E51

Pantone 18-5845

Spicy Mustard

HEX: #D8AE47

Pantone 14-0952

Potter’s Clay

HEX: #9E4624

Pantone 18-1340


HEX: #B76BA3

Pantone 17-3240

Color for 2016 – Rose Quartz & Serenity