The 3 No-Nos In Website Design

Designing a website is sometimes difficult when it comes to thinking about what is visually appealing and what will attract more visitors. It can be hard to guess what your audience would prefer and dislike. So, here are a few of the biggest No-Nos in website design to get you started.

1. Graphics instead of text.

Never use pictures in replacement for text. Most of the time, text should outnumber pictures by at least 2. Think about it: When someone puts a string of text into a search engine, that search engine, let’s say Google, will scan the web for a website containing matching text. But if your site has no text, then Google will never show your site as a search result! Thus, your website will never be viewed. Pictures are great for visual aid or entertainment, but only in controlled quantities.

2. Automatic music

Setting your website to play music as soon as someone enters is a bad idea. Not only is it annoying, but most viewers will exit the site to escape the sudden noise, and continue browsing other websites. The likelihood that they’ll return is slim.

3. GIF backgrounds

GIF backgrounds may seem like a cool, creative idea, but it’s not to your audience. Moving backgrounds are distracting. And in some cases, even dizzying. It will make it hard to find information and repel more visitors than it attracts.

With these 3 No-Nos of Website Design, you now probably have an idea of how to proceed with your website. Or, at least how not to proceed. Just stay away from the listed things, and you’ll have a wonderfully made website in no time.

Best of luck!