Course Materials

Class 1


Hello World!


Connect to Web Server. Update text on your homepage to something you are eager to invite your friends and the world to take a look. After you've made the changes, invite your friends to take a look!

Review "Basic tags" handout sheet. Delete tags in your index.html file that are not in the "Basic tags" handout. Prepare to answer questions about them next class.

[3-4 PM CLASS] Update background color of your homepage to the color you like. You can use external style sheet or update the css files in the css folder. is good resource.

Class 2


Color, Link, Image


Create a new webpage. Link it to your homepage.

You can copy and paste your homepage and name it "page1.html". Update the content on this new webpage so it has at least 1 heading and 2 paragraphs. On this new webpage, you can show your school work related, your family events, or subject of your interest that you researhed and found from the web, etc. Topic and theme are your choice. Please use your normal school guideline relating to use and display content on the Web. After this page is created, add a link on your homepage to link it to your new webpage.

See example here

Review basic HTML and CSS syntex

Review "Basic tags", "What is HTML","Styling with CSS" handout sheets. Next class we will have a little Quiz about body, heading, paragraph, image, link, color, style tags.

[3-5 PM CLASS] Self-teaching: Learn formatting and lists

Learn formatting and lists and add formatting and lists on your new webpage. You can copy and paste code from "Try it Yourself" to your webpage and modify them to make it work.

Learn HTML Formatting here

Learn CSS Text here

Learn CSS Fonts here

Learn HTML Lists here

Learn CSS List here

Class 3


Text Formatting, List


Review the little quiz.

Everyone is going to do the little quiz in next class.

Write a new webpage about a book.

You can do a book review, or tell us your favorite book.The webpage should include an image of the book cover and a link to where you can buy the book. The webpage should include at least one ordered or bullet-pointed list. Some font variation in size and text formatting. 

Class 4




Write a new webpage about a national or state park.

It's about the time for fall foliage! Tell us your favorite park to visit. You can write the trip you did in the past or write a trip you would like to have this fall. The webpage should include at least one image of the park and a link to the park's website. The webpage should include at least one paragraph to describe where the park is and why you like it. 

Class 5


id and class attributes

Javascript - variables


Write a new webpage about an instrument.

Content would include some description about history and structure. Please use paragraphs. Try to use id or class attribute in styling. Please have one image about the instrument and one image about the notes. Have one video about a piece of music played by that instrument. 

Class 6


Javascript - functions


Write your own functions.

1. Write a function. In the function, create a variable named gameName.Prompt "Enter your favorite game: " to ask user to input a game name. Use the variable gameName to hold the input text.On the webpage, display "Your favorite game is " and the variable gameName value using document.write().

2. Write a function that can prompt user to input 3 numbers and do 3 number multiplication. Create a paragraph element with id "coolmath". Create a button. When the button is clicked, it calls the function. On the webpage, display the calculation result using document.getElementById("coolmath").innerHTML.

See example 1 here

See example 2 here

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